Alvaro R. Gutierrez, MD
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Continuing Medical Education

     July 2015
Neurology in Clinical Practice, Mayo Clinic
Chicago, IL

     May 2015
HIPAA Compliance-Reality and Perspective
Morgantown, WV

     April 2015
Neurologic Complications of Medical Diseases
Controversies in Multiple Sclerosis Therapy
Therapy of Headache
American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting
Washington, DC

     September 2014
Working Out the Bugs-Infection Prevention in Outpatient Care
Morgantown, WV

     July 2013
CARE-Communicate and Respond Effectively
Morgantown, WV

     June 2013
Emerging Frontiers in Concussion
Pittsburgh, PA

     May 2013
PBI Professional Boudaries
Atlanta, GA

     April 2013
Informed 2013 ER/LA Opioid REMS Education
Self-directed course

     April 2013
Healthcare: Information Technology on Trial
Bridgeport, WV

     March 2013

Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain: Balancing Safety & Efficacy
Morgantown, WV

     October 2012

21st International Cleveland Clinic Epilepsy Symposia
Cleveland, OH

     August 2012

2012 Neurology Update-A Comprehensive Review for the Clinician
Washington, DC

     December 2011

Dealing with Difficult & Disruptive Behavior in Health Care
Bridgeport, WV

     August 2011
Neurology Update-A Comprehensive Review for the Clinician
Washington, DC

     June 2011
New Discoveries in Headache Medicine
Washington, DC

     May 2011
Communicate and Respond Effectively
Clarksburg, WV

     March 2011
Botox Cosmetic and Dermal Fillers
New York, NY

     February, 2011
Neurology Update and Stroke Intensive
Miami, FL

     September, 2010
WVU Spine Conference
Morgantown, WV

     June, 2010
Reducing Risk Re to Phone Communication with Patients
Morgantown, WV

     May, 2010
3rd International Epilepsy Coloquium
Cleveland, OH

     May, 2009
Legal Medicine

Communicate and Respond Effectively
Morgantown, WV

     January, 2009
HIPAA Compliance
Morgantown, WV

     September, 2008
2008 Stroke Conference
Morgantown, WV

     July, 2008
Headache Update
Lake Buena Vista, FL

     May, 2008
Happy Patients, Healthy Outcomes
Morgantown, WV

     April, 2008
Neurology Update II; Headache Therapy; Debates in Headache
Chicago, IL

     January, 2008
Neurology Update; Multiple Sclerosis Update
Miami, FL

     June, 2007
Improving Patient Care with Health Information Technology
Morgantown, WV

     February, 2007
Neurology Online

     October, 2006
Neurology Update; Epilepsy Therapy; MS Update
Washington, DC

CME Speaker: Neuropathic Pain
Oakland, MD

     September, 2006
DBS-Focus on Patient Selection and Programming
Reston, VA

     March, 2006
EMG Update
Pittsburgh, PA

Immunomodulatory Drugs for the Management of MS
Online teleconference

     October, 2005
Neurology Update, Practice Management and Electronic Office
Philadelphia, PA

CME Speaker: Reducing Disability in Alzheimer's Disease
Roanoke, WV

     September, 2005
First Annual Pain Management Symposium
Pittsburgh, PA

     August, 2005
Challenges in MAnagement of Acute and Chronic Pain

     May, 2005
CME Speaker: Migraines and Triptans
Oakland, MD

     April, 2005
CME Speaker: Review of Migraines
Charleston, WV

     October, 2004
Huntington Disease
Morgantown, WV

     June, 2004
CME Speaker: Treatments of Multiple Seizure Types
Weston, WV

     January, 2004
End of Life Care Including Pain Management
Morgantown, WV

     October, 2003
Contemporary Management of Intractable Epilepsies
Morgantown, WV

     September, 2003
Second Annual Dementia Congress
Washington, DC

     June, 2003
Migraine Conference
Chicago, IL

The Role of Chemodenervation in Spasticity Management

     September, 2002
First Annual Dementia Congress
Chicago, IL

Advanced Treatment of Dystonia and Spasticity
Workshop on the Use of Botulism Toxin
Chicago, IL

     May, 2002
The Practice of Neurology; Pain; Parkinson's Disease
Philadelphia, PA

     February, 2002
VNS Therapy Symposium and Workshop
New York, NY

     January, 2002
Advances in Neurology
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
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